November 24, 2017

      The Bot Studio is the only Bot development agency fully dedicated to the automotive, mobility and transportation industries. Please contact us at contact@thebotstudio.com


      Smartly.ai is a leading Voice and Chat apps technology platform. Please contact at hello@smartly.ai

      1. Terms and conditions

      1.1. Scope and availability of the Service

      The « My Connected Car » Alexa skill is a free service proposed to you by The Bot Studio (www.thebotstudio.com) and by Smartly.ai (www.smartly.ai) in order to allow you to access your connected car data through your own « Xee Connect » device. (www.xee.com)

      Through this service, you can ask questions to Alexa, about your connected car’s location, health and other attributes.


      1.2. Modification and termination of the Service

      The user can terminate his or her use of the Skill at anytime.

      The Bot Studio reserves the right to cease offering the Skill at any time without notice.


      1.3. Liability

      The Bot Studio shall not be held responsible for any data provided by Xee. (www.xee.com) and by Google Maps (https://www.google.com/maps)

      The Bot Studio shall assume no liability for the accuracy and topicality of the data and information transmitted via the Service. This shall also apply for the consequences of disturbances, interruptions and functional impairments of the Service.


      1.4. Use of the Service

      The user must not use the Service for illegal purposes and shall not permit third parties to do so. The user shall not be entitled to distribute or process commercially the data and information received within the context of his/her use of the Service.

      2. Privacy policy

      2.1. Information Collected Through Your Use of the Service

      The “My Connected Car” Alexa skill allows you to query Xee for your data generated by and collected by and through the Xee Connected app. The processing of your data in course of the Xee Connect app is governed by the app’s privacy policy.

      The Bot Studio, through the “My Connecte Car” Alexa skill, doesn’t collect nor store any data exchanged between the User and Xee Connect.


      2.2. Alexa Skill Hosting and Usage Analytics

      The “My Connected Car” Alexa skill is hosted by Smartly.ai, a French based company.

      However, Smartly.ai doesn’t collect nor store any data exchanged between the User and Xee Connect.


      2.3 Xee Connect Login

      You must link your Xee Connect account to your Device service or app in order to query for your Xee Connect data. To enable the “My Connected Car” Alexa skill, you must have a Xee Connect login. You may create your Xee Connect Login within the Xee Connect App or though the Xee Consumer Portal. (www.xee.com)