A technology startup company founded
    with passionate and experienced professionals

    +50 years combined experience in software development.

    +14 years experience in the Automotive industry and in entrepreneurship.


  • The Bot Studio in the Media





  • Our technology partners

    We work with the best technology suppliers on the market.

    OVH www.ovh.com
    Google www.google.com
    Smartly www.smartly.ai
    Recast.ai www.recast.ai
    Microsoft Luis www.microsoft.com
    Amazon Alexa Echo www.amazon.com
    Facebook WIT.AI www.facbook.com
    Apple https://www.apple.com/
    IBM Watson www.ibm.com
    Android https://www.android.com/
    Orange Django www.orange.fr
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    Skype: laurent.dunys
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